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SA Home Owner is the home owner’s reference guide to ideas, inspiration, information and innovation in home, design and decor. Offering insights into SA’s most beautiful properties, keeping readers up to date with local and international trends, and sharing practical supplier information on who to contact to create the home you have always dreamed of – SA Home Owner will be with you each step of the way, and is ready to welcome you home.

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Branded Video
Headline video sponsorship R 17 135
Product sponorship R 3 105
Banners (cost/1000 impressions)
Leaderboard R520/1 000
Island/medium rectangle R650/1 000
Wallpaper price on request
Newsletter masthead banner R7 000 per newsletter
Monthly Competitions minimum prize value of R 2 000
Social Media
Facebook R12 000 each
Twitter R700 each
Instagram R1000 each
Production Fees R550 p/h standard htmlL
  R690 p/h flash animation
Suppliers Directory
1 Month R 580
6 Months R 2 850
12 Months R 4 900

R522 CPM

Times Media Advertising Room

R456 CPM

Times Media Advertising Room


Times Media Advertising Room

Terms and Conditions

Rates Exclude VAT Terms and Conditions Apply

All prices are quoted in CPM (Cost per thousand) unless stated otherwise
Booking deadline 48 hours before go live
Material deadline 48 hours before go live
Minimum spend of R5,000
Discounts applied in line with spends and campaign duration
Costs excluding VAT and include agency commission
Agencies to be accredited to qualify for 16.5%
Non account clients to pay COD
All inventory subject to availability